Commercial Certificate Attestation

Commercial Certificate Attestation


Attestation of documents used for trading, business etc, to use it internationally is known as commercial document attestation. When any individual decides to move abroad to broaden their business, he/she has to do commercial document attestation. To establish the validity of your certificates in foreign countries, commercial document attestation is required. Documents like certificate of origin, certificate of incorporation, invoices etc undergoes the process of commercial document attestation. Commercial document is considered under non-educational document attestation. Purposes of commercial document attestation:

•  For selling properties in the home country.
•  For trading.
•  For starting up business.
•  For cancelling partnerships.
•  To open bank accounts.

A commercial invoice is a very important document when used in foreign business. It is used while exporting items through international borders. The document must include several information about the parties involved, the goods being transported, country of manufacture etc. A certificate of origin is a document which is also called as Form A used in international trade. In a printed form or as an electronic document, it is completed by the exporter and certified by a recognized issuing body. Legal document related to the formation of a company is known as certificate of incorporation, which is a license issued from government to form a company. The steps of commercial document attestation start from the authorities of home country followed by that of host country where it is planned to relocate or travel. Procedures of commercial document attestation:

•  Chamber of commerce attestation.
•  MEA (ministry of external affairs) attestation.
•  Embassy attestation.
•  MOFA (ministry of foreign affairs) attestation.

The documents are sealed and signed from the concerned authorities. Once every step of verification is completed, the documents are considered authentic. When someone is travelling for business, trade, property related matters; he/she has to do the process of commercial document attestation. The documents have to be original to do the process of attestation. This is mainly to ensure safety to destination country from illegal documentation. Commercial document attestation can also be said a safety measure of legalisation. There can be many legal issues in future if the rules of verification are not followed properly. So it is important complete the process of commercial document attestation to prevent any problems regarding legalisation of documents.