HRD Attestation

HRD Attestation


HRD is the abbreviation of human resource development, is an Indian ministry which works for enhancing the literacy rate of the country. Ministry of human resource development is guided by an elected minister by the government. The fundamental aim of ministry of human resource development is educational empowerment. By promoting the educational level of the country the ministry can setup the socio-economic fabric of the country. Because of economic deprivation and less opportunities people tend to move foreign countries in search of a better life and good career opportunities.

Attestation is an important process when a person is travelling to foreign countries for various countries. HRD attestation is identified as an initial process of attestation and which is mandatory for completing an embassy attestation in a proper manner. To prove the reliability of the documents is important while travelling to foreign countries.

Purposes of HRD attestation:
•  To attain higher education foreign countries.
•  For migration purposes.
•  To obtain work permit abroad.
•  For visa purposes.

HRD attestation is required mainly for educational documents. Certificates like degree certificate, diploma certificate, HSC certificate, SSLC certificate requires HRD attestation. Individuals started seeking opportunities internationally to get better education and employment. Authentication of documents is required for international matters. HRD attestation is required for confirming the legitimacy of the documents in destination countries.

HRD attestation is an important step attestation services especially in educational certificate attestation. HRD attestation is a compulsory process of international travel, so that it will assist the certificate holder to show the trustworthiness of record in country he/she is traveling or moving to. People can attain HRD attestation from their respective states itself.

Documents required for doing HRD attestation:
•  Original certificate.
•  Passport copy.
•  All Samester Msheet Copy
•  Offer Latter Copy
•  Passport Size Photos

The documents are attested from concerned authorities to consider it to be verified. The documents will be fixed with sign and seal to be verified. HRD (human resource development) is the first step of educational certificate attestation and it varies for other type of certificates.

Attestation is a legitimate strategy to confirm the genuinity of the certificates. HRD attestation increases the credibility of the documents and makes it more genuine. HRD attestation is required for demonstrating the realness of the certificate to the destination countries to ensure safety from illegal documentation from immigrants. HRD attestation being the first step of attestation, it is an imperative process for completing the verification of documents.