Non-Educational Certificate Attestation

Non-Educational Certificate Attestation


Non-educational certificate attestation is considered as personal document attestation. Attestation of personal certificates is known as non-educational certificate attestation. This process of verification is done when a person is travelling to foreign countries for various purposes. Non-educational certificate attestation is simply the way of authenticating personal documents for international purposes. Verification of personal documents as in birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, experience certificate etc comes in non-educational certificate attestation. Attestation of commercial documents can also be considered in non-educational certificate attestation. Commercial documents include all the documents of trading, business, financial matters etc, for example certificate of origin, certificate of incorporation, invoices etc.

Attestation of non-educational certificates is essential for universal communication. The identification process of attestation helps in demonstrating personal details of certificate holder. Legalization of documents is a significant part for travelling to foreign countries. In this verification process, concerned authority adds seal and signature to the documents for affirmation of the genuinity of documents. Non-educational certificate attestation adds greater believability to your documents. This helps you prove the realness of documents to the destination country.

Different types of non-educational certificate attestation:
•  Birth certificate attestation.
•  Death certificate attestation.
•  Marriage certificate attestation.
•  Medical certificate attestation.
•  Transfer certificate attestation.
•  Experience certificate attestation.
•  Divorce certificate attestation.
•  Salary certificate attestation.
•  Bonafide certificate attestation.

Above mentioned are some of the different non-educational/personal certificate attestation services. Each of these certificates is different in its own way and purpose; all these certificates are issued in applicant's request. These certificates act as basic requirement for various international purposes, however, these documents has to be attested to be considered in the foreign countries. These documents have to be verified from the concerned authorities. Visa for the destination can only be attained after submitting the verified documents. Attaining dependent visa is considered a main aim of non-educational certificate attestation. This visa is required for the relatives and family of people, who working abroad or citizens of another country, to fly to them. Requirement of this certification is normally for family or children. It is not required for people going on visiting visa.

Every country has specified the requirement of verification through attestation services to avoid the use of unapproved documents. Non-educational certificate attestation helps the applicant to attain their needs internationally.

Usual purposes of getting non-educational certificate attestation:
•  For employment purposes, experience certificate attestation is required.
•  The person needs to submit a transfer certificate for education purposes.
•  Both migration certificate and birth certificate should be attested for dependent visa purposes.
•  Main aim of death certificate attestation is financial reasons.
•  Commercial documents attestation is for trading, business purposes, to open bank account and for matters of properties etc.

Non-educational certificate attestation is legal necessity when you are travelling to a foreign country. Non-educational certificates are of vital importance and fundamental certificate which give legal assistance during your international travel. For migrating to another country, attestation is a necessary process. Immigrants should complete all the attestation procedures to be eligible to enter into the destination country. Non-educational certificate attestation is important while planning to move to another country. The documents required for the process varies on the form of certificate. Original certificate and passport copy are main documents required normally.

Procedure for non-educational certificate attestation:
•  Notary attestation / sub division magistrate/Home department
•  MEA (ministry of external affairs) attestation.
•  Embassy attestation.
•  MOFA (ministry of foreign affairs) attestation.

The documents are undergone attestation from these authorities. Seal and signature are added to the documents in order to prove its originality. The procedures of verification have to be strictly followed by the applicant. Non-educational certificate attestation increases the credibility of the certificate in the destination country. It makes the documents more accessible in foreign countries. It is important for your documents to undergo non-educational certificate attestation.

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